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Want to get in touch? I love hearing from people 🙂

Paid and Text Links – No! Guest Posts to be published on my site? No thanks. 

I’m not interested. Please don’t contact me about them.

Questions, comments, connect, interview, feature me on your site? – Yes! 

Let me hear from you.

Reviews and Sample Products – Yes!

I welcome review copies, products & samples, but I reserve the right to post or to not post about the place and/or product. I won’t promise a post in exchange for a free sample or product. I reserve the right to state my opinion, whether good or bad, about the place and/or product, online or offline. Companies or PR agencies, you are welcome to contact me – I encourage and applaud transparency as much as possible, and will disclose free products or compensation to my readers, too.

Note: In case it’s not clear, I physically live in Italy so samples and products will have to be sent to Italy. I get back to the US a few times a year, so it’s possible I can arrange a delivery to a U.S. address if the product isn’t time sensitive – get in touch. 

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