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Workout Playlist: Music to Squat By

November 16, 2012

Recently I was doing a lot of squats…a lot of them, and the music I was listening to just wasn’t cutting it. Then “How Low” by Ludacris came on and I really reached deep in those squats.

Here’s a playlist of music to squat by – a mix of rap & electronic, and lots of lows and downs to motivate you to really get into those squats! Note: some of the lyrics are NSFW. 

Check out my past playlists for more workout music inspiration.

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Goal weight, photos, and undergrowing your closet

October 23, 2012

Fact: I’m currently below my goal weight.

Fact: I am more muscular and my body is a little different than the last time I was at this weight and clothing size.

Fact: I saw a bunch of pictures of me recently and hated them. Hated them to the point I didn’t see any of the loss or improvements over the past 18 months. Poof. Gone. In a few pictures. (Let me be clear: it was definitely *not* the photographer’s fault, but wholly mine).
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Need some Motivation? My Motivational Saying Posters

September 28, 2012

I find a lot of times a simple phrase can become a mantra or a reinforcement when I need it most. I thought about making my own motivational posters, so I fired up GIMP and created these for everyone to enjoy and share.

Pin them on Pinterest (click the Pinterest button below the post), use them on your own site (I’d love a link/credit back to, please!) and let me know if you’d like to see a saying of your own in the next batch of motivation posters, and I’ll include! Requests accepted. 

When you need to knuckle down and make sure you’re getting your work done – so simple, so effective: “Get to work.”

Get to Work. Image from

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Fueling and hydration during a run or race

August 21, 2012

In preparation for the SF half-marathon, I started experimenting with fueling during a race.

It had been a long time since I really needed to worry about fueling during a race. I think I used to just fuel up with a banana (or half) before a run. One big change from 10 years ago is I didn’t drink coffee then. Right. It’s now a big part of my life (I wrote a book about Italian coffee) in that I have one espresso, like clockwork, in the morning (most days I only have just that one). I usually have a few hours to process the coffee before heading off to the gym, so needless to say a 5 or 6am start for a race was making me nervous.

I tried a run a few weeks ago with no coffee and that was a bad idea. I also do most of my workouts on an empty (post-coffee) stomach and I think running longer distances (6 miles or so), I can’t. So I’m back to experimenting with proper fueling and giving my body proper time to process them so I’m not burping them up the first few miles (TMI?)

Here’s a look into how I fuel:

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San Francisco Half Marathon Recap

July 31, 2012

10 years later, I completed my 2nd half marathon!

I definitely won’t let another 10 years go by. As I’ve said often, I think halfs are the sweet spot for training because your long runs never take more than about 2 hours and you aren’t wiped out for the rest of the day (vs. training for a marathon). I’m going to do a 10k as soon as I can (I can bust out 6 miles pretty easily) and perhaps another half marathon this fall.

This time, I’m positive I wouldn’t have finished as fast as I did if it hadn’t been for my two best friends pacing and encouraging me. Following my setback, I wasn’t able to get in enough long runs (or short runs, for that matter) to really feel prepared for the event. Last time I trained, I also did more track work (including speed work) and trails (for hills) which I think showed vs. my mainly treadmill + some outside longer runs.

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