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Notes to self

May 12, 2011

One of my favorite “healthy” bloggers, whom I met at BlogHer 2009 in Chicago at a food blogger’s dinner, is Roni Noone. Not only is she a food and health blogger, she’s a geek, too, and has a bunch of different sites (sounds familiar) about tech, eating healthy, and staying healthy.

One of my favorite parts of her Roni’s Weigh site is her “Notes to Self” – those intimate moments when we’re feeling weak, disappointed, tempted, or discouraged about keeping to the healthy path. What are we really thinking? And what could we say to ourselves to keep the fight going?

She lays it out pretty well. I’m sure I’ll be writing some notes to myself as well.

Here’s one of my favorites:

I don’t care how much you ate this weekend. The chocolate, the cookies, the pizza, the fast food, all of it, really, I don’t care. It’s over. It’s done. It’s eaten. There’s no taking it back.

Now you can beat yourself up, get depressed and continue to punish yourself by going down this self pity path OR you can…


Seriously girl.Get on your running clothes. Make those lunches. Pull out something for dinner tomorrow. If half the battle is won with confidence the other half is preparation. You got this.

Read all the Notes to Self on Roni’s Weigh.

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